Medieval History in the News (Archive)



12 "Berserk" Facts about the Lewes Chess Pieces (November 2015)

Medieval Burials found under Modern Toilets (September 2015)

Modern Russia, Modern Ukraine, and Prince Vladimir (July 2015)

Medieval Cemetery under Parisian Supermarket (May 2015)

Anglo-Saxon Remedy Works for Modern Superbug (March 2015)

Medieval Gothic and Modern Colleges (January 2015)

700-Year-Old Cold Case Resolved (January 2015)

Medieval Town Revealed, Without Digging (December 2014)

Medieval Bishop, Modern Science Award (December 2014)

New Poem about the Magna Carta (November 2014)

Early Christian Plate Discovered in Spain (October 2014)

Using and abusing "Medieval" (September, 2014)

Longsword Fighting as a Modern Martial Art (September 2014)

Shopping in the Middle Ages (September 2014)

Dry Weather Yields New Insights at Stonehenge (September 2014)

Down Syndrome in the Middle Ages (July 2014)

Plague Not Spread By Rats (March 2014)

Medieval Graffiti (March, 2014)

Canterbury Stained Glass at NYC Cloisters (February, 2014)

The First Valentine in English: 1477 (February, 2014)

Charlemagne's bones (January, 2014)

Medieval Wall Paintings Discovered (December, 2013)

The Medieval Walking Dead (October, 2013)

Viking Parliament Discovered in Scottish Car Park (October, 2013)

A Latter Day Stylite (not-to-be-missed pictures!) (September, 2013)

Source of 1257 Volcanic Eruption Located (September, 2013)

Medieval Paintings Stolen from Remote Church (August, 2013)

Nostalgia for the 960s (courtesy of The Onion) (April, 2013)

Lay Investiture Swings (April, 2013)

Oldest European Cookbook Found (April, 2013)

BoingBoing on The Plague (April, 2013)

Global Warming Yields New Archaeology (April, 2013)

London's New Train Service . . . and Plague Pits (March, 2013)

Medieval Autopsies and other Advances (March, 2013)

101 Nights: New Manuscript of Arabian Tales (February, 2013)

How the Heavy Plough Changed the World (January, 2013)

St Francis Reassessed in The New Yorker (January, 2013)

Medieval Church, California Home (December 2012)

Viking troop carrier! (December 2012)

Clumsy Teacher Shatters Viking Excrement (October, 2012)

Magna Carta, David Cameron, and You (September 2012)

Skeleton of Richard III found? Possibly. (September, 2012)

A Scottish Historian on the Movie "Brave" (August, 2012)

Medieval Lingerie (August, 2012)

Yersinia Pestis Case in Oregon (June, 2012)

Women in the Peasants' Revolt, 1381 (June, 2012)

Did Marco Polo Really Go to China? (May, 2012)

Ten Best Walled Medieval Cities (April 2012)

St Cuthbert Gospel, Bought and Sold (April, 2012)

Dead Girl, buried on bed, with both Christian and pagan rites (March, 2012)

Full Metal Jousting (February, 2012)

Stonehenge from Below (February, 2012)

Medieval Origins of "Thirty Days Hath September . . ." (January, 2012)

Medieval Mummers as a New Top Hit (satire) (December, 2011)

Priests' Wives, Medieval and Modern (January, 2012)

Joan of Arc's 600th birthday (January 2012)

Hildegard of Bingen Tapped for Sainthood (December, 2011)

The Secret to Viking Navigation (November, 2011)

Viking Ship Excavation (October, 2011)

Modern Plague = Medieval Plague (October, 2011)

Modern Lessons from Medieval Universities (September, 2011)

Wonders of the Medieval World (September, 2011)

More Skeletal Data on Yersinia pestis (August, 2011)

A Plague Without Rats? (August, 2011)

Did Marco Polo Really Go to China? (August, 2011)

Bones of Woman Warrior Found at Stirling Castle (May, 2011)

Canterbury Tales: The Board Game (May, 2011)

Autopsy, Dissection, and Medieval Medicine (May, 2011)

Fontevraud Abbey as Video Art (April, 2011)

On Television: Last Stand of the Templars (April, 2011)

Stinky Neighbors in the Fourteenth Century (April, 2011)

International Hug a Medievalist Day (March, 2011)

"Starter Castles" for Sale (March, 2011)

Trebuchet Competition in Charleston, SC (March, 2011)

New Movie on Bad King John (with Paul Giamatti as John) (March, 2011)

Jan Gossaert's Renaissance (February, 2011)

First Valentine in English (February, 2011)

The Tolkien Professor (February, 2011)

Medievalist Questions Starbucks Logo (January, 2011)

On Television: The Unreadable Voynich Manuscript (January, 2011)

Drug-Smuggling, Medieval Style (January, 2011)

"Blood Libel" (January, 2011)

Warrior bones tell how they died (December, 2010)

New DNA evidence on the "Black Death" suggests Chinese origin (October, 2010)

Wall paintings in medieval churches (October, 2010)

Did Columbus Bring Syphilis back to Europe? No. (October, 2010)

Joan of Arc and Graffiti Art (October, 2010)

New Movie on Hildegard of Bingen (October, 2010)

Are the Lewis chessman really from Iceland? (September, 2010)

Cloistered Away in New York City (September, 2010)

Oops! Hackers attack wrong medieval castle (September, 2010)

Building a Medieval Castle . . . in 2010 (July 2010)

Is Jousting the Next Extreme Sport? (July 2010)

Medieval Good Luck for the World Cup? (June 2010)

New film on the "Black Death" (June, 2010)

Skeleton of Medieval African found in England (May, 2010)

Searching for the Real Robin Hood (April 2010)

Worms Threaten Cave Carvings Associated with the Templars (April 2010)

Medical Miracles in Medieval Manuscripts (March 2010)

Decapitated Vikings found at Olympic Site (March 2010)

Nomination for Animated Film on the Book of Kells (March 2010)

Signs of Struggle: Medieval coins, cannonballs, and badges point to location of last battle in the Wars of the Roses (February 2010)

Dante as Action Hero (January 2010)

Archeologists discover oldest bones of English royalty (Queen Eadgyth, died 946) (January 2010)

Is the Shroud of Turin a Medieval Forgery? (October, 2009)

Agincourt and Afghanistan (October, 2009)

Robin Hood Lives On (October, 2009)

Anglo-Saxon Treasure Hoard Found by Metal-detecting Enthusiast (September, 2009)


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